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Working the "Front-line" often is a daunting and heart-breaking task. It is not without its dangers as well. Being able to assimilate real needs with professed needs by the street-wise children also makes up part of the daily challenges.

Winter emergencies include buying firewood for families who have infants and small children. Some live in rooms with dirt floors and without electricity or running water.

Whether it’s Moldova or Romania, the front-line needs are always acute. In the Moldovan prisons there are mothers, not convicted of any crimes, who are locked in small cells with their babies. The guards permit us to buy nappies, sanitary supplies, food items, etc., to help the mothers survive.

It could be easy to forget that the guards suffer from the same poverty as the prisoners. By recognising that they too are in distress and by providing a small amount of funds to help them with coffee, tea, paper items, their interaction with the prisoners becomes less intense. There is a particular need right now for help in building safe showers and cleaning facilities for the children and women prisoners.

Buying food for the street children, including hot soups, breads, and fruit such as bananas, apples, and pears can help to strengthen them for the winter months ahead.. Dry cured meats, cheese, and milk is also part of a staple meal. Foods are limited only to provide subsistence; otherwise, the children may be motivated to sell the items.

Medicine for children in distress from social illnesses such as scabies, nits, infections, etc. Emergency dental extractions are the norm and can be provided for with a small contribution to the dentist. Anesthetics cost additional. Social contributions make up a larger part of the Front-line role. It can make a difference of life or death at times to find accommodation for some children on a temporary basis. A bed in a room can be had for as little as € 2 per week.

Front-line work can often involve helping the elderly in crisis. We must look at each situation on an individual basis. Food, heat, and medical treatment are all part of the daily challenges. The gifts we receive are specifically used to cover these expenses and outlays. If you would like your gift to go for a specific purpose, please indicate in your PayPal message.

We are often asked about donations of clothing. There has been a steady stream of clothes from other countries. Street-wise children will often say they need a coat or jacket, and when given one, they immediately sell it in order to buy cigarettes. It’s a difficult balancing equation, which must be individually assessed. If a child truly requires clothing, then it is provided. There have been growing problems with certain cigarette companies passing out promotional cigarettes in towns, along with cards that suggest that by smoking their brand the children are part of the ‘now generation’ and then there is a side message that says ‘and by smoking, it will reduce your hunger pains!’

It’s a sad fact that the homeless children die. There are no charitable groups to help in these cases and unfortunately, there are no crematories, some being as far away as 600km.

We want you or your organisation to be part of the change that is taking part in Moldova and Romania. Change, albeit at a different pace, is also happening in Transnistria. Please let us meet with you to show how your company can change a child’s life.

Thank you for making a difference!

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